Elivice inspires startups

Startups are inherently fragile businesses. They must be trained by caring and capable individuals who can provide a solid foundation for success. Elivice, an order fulfillment service provider, fulfills this role. He has many years of experience in implementing projects for startups. And the company has skillfully guided and smoothed the path of many startups.

“Managers work hard to succeed, achieve goals, satisfy customers, and earn profits,” the company says on its Elivice.com website. “The key to achieving this is to surround yourself with talented, ambitious and hard-working people who share the same goals and ideals.»

Get The Right Help

Not all distribution companies offer start-up assistance. For example, Deliverr’s mission is to ensure that merchants, regardless of their size, can provide “fast and cost-effective order fulfillment” to their customers.

However, the company’s website says it does not work with startups. And Fulfillify doesn’t do that. However, fulfillment companies say they can show sellers how to use fulfillment companies to save money. He understands that most businesses struggle at some point and eventually realize that resources and time are the biggest obstacles to overcome.

His third-party shipping service provider, Shipwire, offers order fulfillment, e-commerce marketplace fulfillment, and retail fulfillment, but it also doesn’t offer a program for startups. eFulfillment, like Elivice, offers e-commerce fulfillment programs tailored to the needs of startups and small businesses.

The eFulfillment service management program was created for startups. The program offers a variety of order fulfillment services to all types of sellers, including inventory management, warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping.

Experience Pays Off

Elivice talks about the obstacles startups face when trying to find a place in the market. “As a company, we have faced many of the same challenges as you,” the company says on its Elivice.com website. “And I managed to make it to the other side.”

A common challenge for any business, especially those that deal with physical goods, is achieving the right balance of inventory levels. Making a mistake means losing money.

Elivice’s Startup Assistance Program provides sellers with advice on how to increase their visibility in a competitive market. Startups also have access to high-tech tools used by retail giants.

Savings for Startups

Elivice, like the eFulfillment Service, provides discounts and savings to startups to incentivize them. The company’s pricing and billing agreements are easy for customers to understand.

A seller participating in the Startup Assistance Program will receive his 25% discount on fulfillment services for his first three months. Additionally, there are no limits to the services provided with free IT support, so startups can participate regardless of their turnover.

Elivice also shares its knowledge on logistics by providing information on supply chain management, shipping method selection and packaging material sourcing. Startups also have access to the company’s technology, including production tracking, custom API integrations, and a variety of shipping methods to help streamline operations and reduce costs.

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